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Young girl waving large Israeli flad on a pole

Reform Judaism has a window of opportunity among Israelis who now see how progressive forms of Judaism can shape the future of the State of Israel.

Rabbi Gilad Kariv
Row of Israeli flags against background of blue sky and clouds

As religious Zionists, Israel’s Reform leaders continually reinvent an Israeli Judaism that is authentic, inclusive, and ever-adapting to our evolving religious civilization.

Rabbi Josh Weinberg
A row of lit votive candles

Yom HaShoah cannot be the only day we remember the Holocaust, but rather a frequent reminder of our obligation to end all forms of oppression.

Rabbi Reuven Greenvald
Arial view of Masada

Freedom is the frame through which Aretha Franklin’s “Think,” is remembered, just as freedom is the lens through which we see our past.


Uri M. Feinberg
Closeup of a gate with a Star of David in wrought iron with a cemetery in the background

My grandparents, both Holocaust survivors, often said that having children and grandchildren was the greatest revenge against Hitler, and hearing their stories taught me just how precious it was for me to be alive.

Sydney Rothschild
Israeli children

d never been to Israel, so how could I have such deep loyalty to a place I’d experienced only in photographs, stories, and my mind?

Holly Krakow
Women at the Kotel holding a prayer shawl over other women who are reading from the Torah

My mixed impressions about Rosh Chodesh Adar will still take some time to settle, but I feel enriched and empowered knowing that each small step is meaningful in the ongoing struggle for all Jews to feel welcome and respected at that holy space.  

Sharon Mann
Optimism/pessimism sign

I frame my Israel engagement as a partnership with Israelis about acknowledging Israel’s progress and supporting its future regarding the Jewish State’s own self-definition and vision

Rabbi Reuven Greenvald
Dripping spray paint heart on a concrete wall

As I listen with horror to everything that's happening to Jewish community centers and day schools in North America, I'm reminded of the questions North American Jews ask when they hear about Reform synagogues being vandalized in Israel: Are you OK?

Seated Orthodox Jewish man reading the Torah at the Western Wall

You might not know it, but if you stay at a hotel while visiting Israel, about 10% of your bill goes to certify that the food and facilities are kosher in the eyes of the state-sponsored, ultra-Orthodox Rabbinate.

Anat Hoffman


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