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Jewish education

Back of a womans head wearing large headphones

From Torah to telling stories, intersectionality to Israel, here are five podcasts to help you engage with your Judaism from home.


Melissa Bendell
Dad and daughter laughing together as they look at a tablet screen

Do you know about all the great Jewish educational videos available from our partners at BimBam? Here are a few ideas for “homeshuling” your kids during this time.

Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal and Stephanie Fink
Parents and children at a community Tot Shabbat program

Tot Shabbat is important for our daughter and for us. Each week, it helps us integrate Judaism and its values into her life and build our own Jewish community.

Robert Schurz
The author with another staff member at Camp Coleman

When I returned to camp this summer, my whole Jewish self was back. I’m more confident now about who I am, knowing that the Reform Jewish world is the right place for me.

Shoshanna Nambi
Young child sitting on an adults lap while looking at a laptop screen as if watching videos together

How can you, as a parent, also infuse this time of year with meaning and with the Jewish values that are important to you?

Stephanie Fink
Closeup of a man typing on a laptop

You probably knew back then that I wasn’t close to being ready to fully accept Judaism, but by taking the time to talk to me, you acknowledged the idea that one day I could be.

Chris Harrison
Rosh HaShanah table scene with shofar and pomegranate

The “Days of Awe” is a good name for the High Holiday season because when we are in awe of something, that's a good thing, but I like “Awesome Days” so much better.

Rebecca Bernstein McVeigh
B'nei mitzvah students at Leo Baeck Education Center, Haifa

On a recent visit to Haifa’s Leo Baeck Education Center, I was reminded of the collaborative programs and relationships it has built and nurtured in this diverse city.

Marla Gamoran
Three people facing a body of water with their arms around one another in shirts that say PIONEER SUMMER

To be in a camp like this, these young people could be genuine in their identities as deep thinkers, curious minds, playful youth, and passionate Jews, all coalescing in the sacred space of community.

Rabbi Jason Levine
Stained glass window that includes a Jewish start in the middle

I have many friends in town, but most are not temple members. They’re unaffiliated Jews, church-goers, or, as one friend succinctly put it, “believers but not belongers.”

Debra Doppelt Karplus


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