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Jewish history

Pickles in an Ontario Fruit container

When it comes to pickles, there are many connections to our culture from historical through biblical references.

Steve Greenwood
A child's shoe and sock from the museum exhibit

The artifacts displayed in a major new exhibit, “Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away.,” are what remain, despite the perpetrators’ attempts to conceal their crimes.

Paul Salmons
Closeup view from the bottom of the Statue of Liberty looking up against a blue sky background

On the eve of Yom HaShoah, the Kraus Family Foundation and the Union for Reform Judaism announced a new initiative to galvanize people to action around the immigration and refugee crisis in the U.S.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
A hand lightly touches a mezuzah on a doorpost with black space behind the entryway

Until a few months ago, I felt safe whenever I stepped into our temple. But then the massacre at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Congregation occurred, and I was asked to guard our temple’s front door.

Bruce Black
Art installation of shoes along the Danube in memory of Jews killed in Budapest, Hungary, in World War II

It’s important to retell the hideous and barbaric events that occurred in Hungary at the end of World War II because they provide important lessons for us today.

Cammy S. Bourcier
Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise with sculptor Moses Ezekiel and the bust of Wise that Ezekiel created

Isaac Mayer Wise, widely recognized as the founder of Reform Judaism in North America, worked to create a nationally united expression of Judaism under his leadership.

Rabbi Lance J. Sussman, Ph.D.
Judy Glickman Lauders black and white photo of Auschwitz gate entrance reading ARBEIT MACHT FREI

Beyond the Shadows is Glickman Lauder’s stance against injustice. Perhaps her work will inspire you to take a stand against injustice, too.

Bruce Black

Recently, as I’ve done for 32 years, I stopped to think about Marilyn Klinghoffer. Although she was briefly a household name, I remember her because she changed my life.

Barbara Solomon Josselsohn
A man in a kippah walks by a wall of photos of people who disappeared during Guatemalas internal armed conflict
Rabbi Philip “Flip” Rice from Nashville Tennessee walks by a memorial wall for those “disappeared” during Guatemala’s internal armed conflict.

It’s time we stop treating refugees like criminals and come to love our neighbors – in Guatemala and beyond – as ourselves.

David Wirtschafter
Black and white archival image of a Nazi march down East 86th Street in NYC on October 30th 1939

The Oscar-nominated short film A Night at the Garden is a documentary short about a massive pro-Nazi rally that happened in Madison Square Garden 80 years ago this week.

B. Lana Guggenheim


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