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Child covering his face by holding a dirty hand up to the camera

As someone who loves a religion that holds the texts of the Hebrew Bible as sacred, I take issue with attempts to use the Bible as a tool to convince us we should comply blindly.

Rabbi Rachel Bearman
Young man in sweats, head down, sitting on the bottom step of a flight of stairs

Judaism calls upon us to work in partnership with God. In addition to prayers for healing, what can we offer to those whose souls are ailing?

Stacey Zisook Robinson
The author standing in front of a synagogue in Poland

Living in Poland showed me the need for a home for every human, and the particular need for a Jewish home for our people. 

Sam Rubin
Large beehive in the branches of a leafy tree

Like the Israelites in the desert, honeybees also seek new homes with everything they need to grow and thrive. Learn what else they have in common with the Israelites.

Jane Tausig
Closeup of someone holding a remote at a TV screen

When fictional characters are affected by mind- or body-altering experiences, what can we learn from them about our own souls?

Cantor Penny Kessler
Picture of Congregation B'nai Jeshurun from the 1950s, when it was located in Newark, NJ

Now that Roth is dead, the American Jewish community, by virtue of the adjective “American,” can do what it always does: remake him in our image. Which is rather a shame.

Rabbi Neal Gold
Black and white photo of a man's hand reaching out from the darkness

I had heard of the Rohingya people, but admittedly knew little about the depths of their suffering and the atrocities they were enduring.

Rabbi Charles K. Briskin
Closeup of a man pulling off a buttonup shirt to reveal a Superman tshirt underneath

Marvel Studio’s latest blockbuster, Avengers: Infinity War, is banking on the superhero genre conceived in the early 1930s by two Jewish high school students.

Arie Kaplan
Scene from the film, Disobedience; main characters are lighting Shabbat candles

Sebastian Lelio’s new film, “Disobedience,” features an all-star cast and a concern for what he sees as the repercussions of forbidden romance in a repressive society.

Wes Hopper
Dictionary opened to page with definition of anti-Semitism highlighted

Learn how one writer grapples with this question: Do Jews lack an independent existence, defined only by others, or do they exist by choice, even if as a minority?

Aron Hirt-Manheimer


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