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Jewish living

Three peoples hands as they fist bump over a computer table workspace as if celebrating a work victory

I am so grateful that none of us ever have to feel that we are doing the work of Jewish leadership alone. We have an entire movement walking beside us.

Rabbi Rachel Greengrass
Silhouette of a woman holding a guitar above her head at sunset

How much change can one person really accomplish? How effective can a single soul be in casting out shadows, drowning out the dismal drone, and rallying the righteous?

Billy Jonas
Assortment of dreidels amidst holiday lights

Sometimes we create our own traditions, sometimes we carry on a tradition we inherit, and sometimes a tradition can come from unexpected places.

Ann Imig
Holocaust transport train on tracks

Whispers grow of a stealthy increase in “Holocaust fatigue” among all the generations. What is required is resetting of the narrative reset.

Arthur B. Shostak, PhD
Because of the Reform Movement

Union for Reform Judaism Board Chair Daryl Messinger asked her audience to finish the sentence: "Because of the Reform Movement..." This is how Twitter responded.

Kate Bigam Kaput
Fully lighted menorah

I grew up loving this holiday – until I learned the dark side and felt like a kid discovering that there’s no Santa Claus. It turns out Hanukkah is, in part, a tale of Jew vs. Jew.

Abigail Pogrebin
Smiling girl looking on at a partially lit menorah

Instead of eight days of gifts, here are eight ways to celebrate Hanukkah with your kids that relate the story and celebration for your enjoyment and to help you refocus your approach:

Emily Aronoff Teck
Collage of various URJ Biennial speakers highlighted in this article

In anticipation of the upcoming URJ Biennial, we’re sharing 14 interviews that have appeared on our site in the past few months, highlighting the work and worldviews of Jewish personalities worth knowing.

Kate Bigam Kaput
Aerial shot of gifts wrapped in shiny paper alongside colorful wooden dreidels

This year, give the gift of social justice! Here you can find a gift idea for each night of Hanukkah to emphasize the work of tikkun olam – the work of repairing a broken world.

Liz Mitlak
A still from the Broadway show The Bands Visit with a young woman speaking across a table to an older man in uniform

At its heart, The Band’s Visit is about a group of people who have experienced hardship and loss, whose lives have not necessarily played out the way they hoped or intended. 

Maya Glasser


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