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Jewish living

Last Shabbat, I fell asleep to the voice of Julie Silver singing the words “L’Dor V’Dor: From Generation to Generation” in my ear.

Margie Bogdanow

As I took a short walk last week during a break between Yom Kippur services, a memory, both humorous and deeply e

Rabbi Laura Novak Winer

Say what you will, but I prefer the Rosh HaShanah children's service to the adult one.

Karen White

A Major League Baseball committee proposed new rules last month for using instant replay to correct the mistakes of umpires – and I’ve been thinking about how much easier things would be if we coul

Howard J. Herman

At the conclusion of Yom Kippur years ago, I attended a break-the-fast at the home of old friends.

Larry Lesser

Anat Hoffman, director of the Israel Religious Action Center and chair of Women of the Wall, was today named's "Person of the Yea

“Just read my answers last night – what a difference a year makes! It's kind of mind-blowing.”

Dina Mann

That photo is of me, carrying Congregation Or Ami's two Sifrei Torah on the Las Virgenes bridge over the 101 Freeway in Calabasas, CA.

Rabbi Paul Kipnes

As we enter into the Jewish month of preparation prior to the High Holidays, Elul, I am thinking about the spirit

Rabbi Deborah Prinz

The debut season of Bravo’s reality show Princesses: Long Island has finally come to a close and I think it’s pretty safe to declare it a disappointment.

Jana Banin


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