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Jewish Summer Camp

Closeup of a woman consoling a teenager

This resource can guide you and your family in ongoing discussions with children during the COVID-19 pandemic. It offers specific language you can use when responding to children about the heartbreaking news that they will not be able to attend camp this summer as planned.

The URJ Briut Team
Cantor David Berger smiling and strumming a guitar

Meet Cantor David Berger, the cantor at Chicago’s KAM Isaiah Israel and’s current Ten Minutes of Torah commentator for the Book of Leviticus.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Reform Jewish students visiting Selma, Alabama

Learn how a trip in the South helped a group of Reform Jewish teens confront racial inequality and explore their own connections to promoting racial justice.

Rabbi Ellen Nemhauser
The author with another staff member at Camp Coleman

When I returned to camp this summer, my whole Jewish self was back. I’m more confident now about who I am, knowing that the Reform Jewish world is the right place for me.

Shoshanna Nambi
Campers gathered near a tree at a Jewish camp in the south of France

At MahaNetzer Camp in the south of France, more than 150 campers and 40 staff celebrate their unique brand of Judaism every summer. 

Rafi Ellenson
Teens climbing a desert mountain

In that moment, atop Mount Neshef, we weren’t two teenagers on the side of a mountain in Israel, but two bright-eyed campers, looking up at the camp's climbing tower for the first time. 

Reece Ratliff
Tile sign of the Star of David with the Vulcan salute in front

You’re probably familiar with the Star Trek hand symbol that means, “Live long and prosper!” Did you may know that Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock, was Jewish?

Julia Berg
Three people facing a body of water with their arms around one another in shirts that say PIONEER SUMMER

To be in a camp like this, these young people could be genuine in their identities as deep thinkers, curious minds, playful youth, and passionate Jews, all coalescing in the sacred space of community.

Rabbi Jason Levine
Pickles in an Ontario Fruit container

When it comes to pickles, there are many connections to our culture from historical through biblical references.

Steve Greenwood
The author with friends during her camp days

One night at camp last summer reminded me that no matter what, I am part of a large Jewish community and my presence there matters.

Chelsea Feuchs


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