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Open pocketwatch with clock face visible in front of blurred and colorful confetti

The secular New Year is upon us. What will you make of the year to come?

Rabbi Paul Kipnes
Hand holding a speech bubble that read hashtag metoo inside against a blue background

Tamar and Judah can help us make everyday decisions that are framed by silence-breakers. Judah learns - and if he can, we can too. 

Rabbi Jordana Chernow-Reader
Wooden 2017 numbers on a marble surface with a sparkling gold background

Here are our top 10 Reform Jewish moments of the year, both positive and negative. Do you agree with our choices? What would you add? And happy new year! 

Kate Bigam Kaput

The start of the secular new year is commonly a time for making resolutions for individual betterment in the year to come. Why not incorporate some Judaism into your New Year's resolutions?

Kate Bigam Kaput
Closeup of two peoples hands as they hold their filled champagne glasses as in a celebratory toast

Whether or not you believe in superstitions, it can be fun to put your own spin on them! Close out the year by putting a Jewish twist on traditional New Year’s foods.

Kate Bigam Kaput
2017 URJ Biennial logo in three dimensions at entrance to Boston's Hynes Convention Center

URJ Biennials are filled with lots of big moments, but sometimes the magic – and the most important lessons – are in the small ones.

David Billotti
Three peoples hands as they fist bump over a computer table workspace as if celebrating a work victory

I am so grateful that none of us ever have to feel that we are doing the work of Jewish leadership alone. We have an entire movement walking beside us.

Rabbi Rachel Greengrass
Silhouette of a woman holding a guitar above her head at sunset

How much change can one person really accomplish? How effective can a single soul be in casting out shadows, drowning out the dismal drone, and rallying the righteous?

Billy Jonas
US Capitol building aerial view at twilight

The great Jewish philosopher Rambam taught that the law as a whole aims to defend two things: the welfare of the soul and the welfare of the body.

Allison Grossman
Gold menorah fully lit with red candles

This light’s for Hanukkah, for a people who who choose to begin our best of days with light...

Rick Lupert


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