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Jewish Values

Selfie of the author with her grandmother

While helping my mom clean her home, I found a printout of an email from my late grandmother: It was a recipe for her favorite blintz casserole.

Kate Kaput
Teen girl facing away from the camera in a shirt that reads STRONGER in front of a seated audience of other teens

I want to be open about my faith so that others may not have to experience the same hardships my family went through.

Sign on a business reading SORRY WERE CLOSED

We sent a letter to Congress urging them to immediately pass legislation to fully fund the government and end the partial shutdown. 

the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
Mother and daughter looking out at ocean; daughter's arm around mother

Judaism places great importance on memory. But where do our obligations to remember leave those in our community who cannot remember, for whom memory is a distant dream?

Kerry Leaf
Book cover: Moral Resistance and Spiritual Authority: Our Jewish Obligation to Social Justice

God created human beings to partner with God to shape a world of justice and compassion. The sphere of divine concern is global, extending to all who inhabit the planet.

Ruth W. Messinger and Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C.

On MLK Jr. Day, we often see a sanitized, nonconfrontational version of King that is far from the radical activist who was reviled during his time for his justice work.

Chris Harrison
A crowd at the Women's March

The upcoming Women’s March has prompted challenging and heartfelt conversations and raised myriad questions. As one might expect, we are not of one mind.

Rabbi Marla J. Feldman
Childs hands holding a small globe

As we head into the first month of the secular new year, I’ll be inviting my congregation to think with me about what we might do to continue this holy work.

Rabbi Jordie Gerson
Man holding an open Bible in the palm of his left hand

Coming so abruptly at the end of one of Scripture’s most poignant passages, the wish detailed in Psalm 137:9 can stun readers.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Woman praying with her eyes closed, hands held near her face

Psalm 19:14, “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart…,” has had an important role in my life, going back many years before I converted to Judaism.

Chris Harrison


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