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Jewish Values

What do we read when there are no good words? As I thought about the text to teach following the tragedy at Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, my mind fixed on the nine murdered.

Rabbi Leah Doberne-Schor

“It’s almost like being home.”

Rabbi Bonnie Koppell

On this holiday weekend, due to a confluence of special days — Independence Day, the 17th of Tammuz and Shabbat — American Jews will have the opportunity to both celebrate our religious freedom and

Edmon J. Rodman (JTA)

It should not surprise us that in this week's Torah portion, parashah Balak, the animal that saves Balaam’s life is fe

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs

Twenty-five years ago, when I was the single mother of two little boys, we had one of those moments that turns into family legend.

Rabbi Ruth Adar

There is much talk of forgiveness these days, particularly in the wake of the sentencing of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, perpetrator of

Rabbi Edythe Held Mencher

Mishpachah (family). K’dushah (holiness). Ahavah (love). 

Rabbi Larry Karol

While my daughter, Mimi, was walking in a Brooklyn mall recently, pushing her baby in the stroller, she was approached by a modestly dressed girl of about 12 years old.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer

Most of us go an entire lifetime never feeling real hunger.

By Karen Wallace Lipson

“So, what exactly is your background?”

“Both of your parents aren’t Jewish, are they?”

“Wait, so you’re just like a Jewish Barack Obama!”

Evan Traylor


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