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Woman dress in white walking on asphalt against a background of a peeling white wall

Victims of sexual assults don't owe anyone our stories, but to some extent, our silence indicates that there is no story to tell.

Kate Bigam
Red question mark on a pole against a blue sky background

The Forward​ asked 17 rabbis, "What is the biggest threat facing the Jewish people today?” Here's what the three Reform-affiliated rabbis on the list had to say

Kate Bigam
Jewelry box overflowing with shiny jewelry against the backdrop of a modern bedroom

Our things are important and precious to us. They are physical manifestations of our memories. They are our attachment to people and places. They are infinitely meaningful.

Michelle Shapiro Abraham
Handpainted wall with the word MISHPOCHA in Hebrew which means family

Fires cannot destroy our fond, sacred memories of camp – and Camp Newman’s traditions and practices will continue. 

Larry Glickman
Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller character greet a young female character with a hug on a train platform as another woman looks on

The Meyerowitz Stories may be the most Jewish film you see all year that isn’t explicitly Jewish - and it may even be the best film you see all year, period. 

Wes Hopper
Unfurled Torah lying on a blue fabric with a light red fireworks pattern

Each Monday, shares the gift of the guidance of eminent modern-day scholars and leading Jewish thinkers via Reform Voices of Torah.


Audrey Merwin
Jewish book titles sitting on a wood table with a mug atop the pile and a succulent next to it

Want to expand your personal Jewish library? You’ve come to the right place. This year, CCAR Press will release 11 new titles, spanning topics from liberal Zionism to civic engagement.

Rabbi Hara Person
Two crossed Bandaids over a patch of brick wall

Now more than ever, we need spiritual voices of all faiths teaching us messages of justice and compassion. From a Jewish religious perspective, what does "repairing the fallen walls" mean?

Rabbi Fred Guttman
Images of the four individuals listed in this piece as honored by a recent Jerusalem Post piece on the most influential Jews of 2017

There are a few folks on the list who we’re particularly excited about: four individuals who will speak at the Union for Reform Judaism’s upcoming 2017 Biennial Convention, held December 6-10 in Boston, MA.

Kate Bigam

To devote ourselves to an accurate accounting of the soul, it is customary to refrain from five specific activities related to our bodies on Yom Kippur.

Jane E. Herman


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