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Jewish Values

Man with his head in his hands against a dark background

Crying gets a bad rap.

Rabbi Erin Polansky
Glittery hat and new years banner amidst confetti

Our rabbinic teachers of old offered a different tactic to living life. They invited us to count the blessings we have today and to enjoy the lives we are living. 

Rabbi Paul Kipnes
Shiny 2018 against a black background

As we prepare to ring in 2019, we look back on the year we leave behind, and… whew, what a year!​

Kate Kaput
The author (wearing tefillin) and a student with a Sephardic Torah scroll

Learn about Rabbi Reuven Greenvald, the Union for Reform Judaism’s director of Israel engagement, and what he brings to the table when it comes to this critical work.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Movie still of a white woman speaking with a black man with a neon arrow shining between as at a bar

This week marks the digital and DVD release of All About Nina, a film by writer/director Eva Vives and inspired by some of her own experiences.

Chris Harrison
Two wooden mailboxes covered in snow

In earlier days, I might have avoided any fuss and simply hurried out – but on that fifth day of Hanukkah, Santa stamps in hand, I headed to customer service.

Deborah Rood Goldman
Blurry Christmas tree in the lobby of a building like a workplace or hotel

Sustaining a minority culture in the face of Christmas’s incessant commercial drumbeat can be exhausting.

Juliette Hirt
Buddish temple in China, visited by the author

As Rosh HaShanah approached last year, I was living in southwestern China, where I celebrated by eating apples and explaining the Jewish New Year to my Chinese roommate.

Hannah Caspar-Johnson
Back of the legs and feet of a person on a stationary bicycle in a gym

A recent experience at the gym reminded me that, far too often, my own self-centeredness blinds me to my abundant blessings.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Young children gathered around watching a woman read from a Torah scroll

Just as it is inaccurate to paint all progressive Jews with a broad brush, the same is true for Haredim, traditionally observant or ultra-Orthodox Jews.

Chelsea Feuchs


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