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To devote ourselves to an accurate accounting of the soul, it is customary to refrain from five specific activities related to our bodies on Yom Kippur.

Jane E. Herman
Two sets of hands/arms clasped across a lap in a gesture of support

As the blast of the shofar awakens our souls this High Holiday season, so, too, can it awaken us to the pleas of people who suffer with mental illness.

Rabbi P.J. Schwartz
Collage of images of individuals who died during the past year

As 5777 draws to a close, here are some members of the tribe — representing areas as diverse as pop culture to politics — we've mourned since last Rosh HaShanah.

Gabe Friedman (JTA)
Simple rams horn against a white background with a slight shadow

As I practiced my Haftarah, the words flowed, but I didn't feel emotion, perhaps because I didn't fully understand the portion. So I took the time to try to understand the meaning of the words. 

Howard Lev
Closeup of a bride and groom holding hands with a bouquet of wedding flowers on the table next to them

The rabbi gives you a blessing, you exchange rings, you kiss, you party. How hard could it be? Harder than we thought, it turns out.

Moriah Benjoseph
Fishing shack on the water with damage from a hurricane

For one rabbi, silence at this season of renewal is an appropriate way to start to rebuild and shape our world after Hurricane Irma.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Image taken from the back of an outdoor sanctuary space with a rabbi on the bimah at the front and showing the backs of the heads of campers with their arms around one another

When you think back on your life, how has it been informed or influenced by Reform Jewish practice, experiences, and community?

Elena Paull
Woman holding the Torah scrolls while other celebrate behind her

Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish new year, begins Wednesday, September 20, at sundown. As we prepare, emotionally and spiritually, for these Days of Awe, we offer three prayers for the season.

    Kate Bigam
    Brown-skinned right hand viewed from the palm side, index finger extended and pointing left

    At recent years’ Days of Awe services, I could swear I saw index fingers popping out all over the place – fingers of accusation, not of ownership or responsibility.

    Rabbi Mark Glickman
    LGBT equality rally with the focal point being a sign that reads THANK YOU EDIE WINDSOR OUR HERO

     She sued the government, becoming the plaintiff in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and granted same-sex couples equal status under federal law.

    Aron Hirt-Manheimer


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