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Jewish Values

Preschooler looking at hanukkiyah with unlit candles in it

Now that my daughter is in preschool, I've come to realize that hearing about cultural and religious practices directly from the practitioners only emphasizes our otherness.

Courtney Naliboff
Smiling girl looking on at a partially lit menorah

Instead of eight days of gifts, here are eight ways to celebrate Hanukkah with your kids that relate the story and celebration for your enjoyment and to help you refocus your approach:

Emily Aronoff Teck
Collage of various URJ Biennial speakers highlighted in this article

In anticipation of the upcoming URJ Biennial, we’re sharing 14 interviews that have appeared on our site in the past few months, highlighting the work and worldviews of Jewish personalities worth knowing.

Kate Bigam Kaput
Woman with hands over her face as if distraught

The onslaught of stories exposing powerful men committing acts of sexual violence against women is a sad reminder that we often are not safe in our own bodies.

Susannah R. Cohen
Aerial shot of gifts wrapped in shiny paper alongside colorful wooden dreidels

This year, give the gift of social justice! Here you can find a gift idea for each night of Hanukkah to emphasize the work of tikkun olam – the work of repairing a broken world.

Liz Mitlak
Hands in snow-covered red gloves forming a heart

#GivingTuesday provides us with an opportunity to demonstrate one of the most fundamental teachings of Jewish tradition: tending to the needs of others in our community.

Riva Silverman
A snapshot of two laughing men one Haredi Jewish with a long beard and the other with close cropped brown hair

My first Yiddish lesson in Israel did not go well - but an unlikely friendship with Yisroel, a Haredi restaurateur, saved the day.

Matt Adler
Silhouette of family members holding hands in front of a chain link fence

Our congregation has tried to live up to the Torah’s challenge, reaching out to refugee neighbors who come from cultures and communities very different from our own.

Rabbi Daniel Kirzane
Coffee cup and a flaky pastry on a wooden table with an open book lying in front of them

If you’re looking for a place to start learning more about current social justice issues, these book recommendations are for you.

Evan Traylor and Zoe Goodman
Amber colored crystal pendant engraved with a Star of David on a chain against a white background

Aaron Hahn Tapper talks about weaving together the multiple ways Jews identify in terms of culture, ethnicity, nation, nationality, race, religion.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer


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