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Jewish Values

Array of sports equipment, incluing tennis racket and ball, baseball in a glove, baseball bat, football, soccer ball, and basketball

In the aftermath of the Parkland shooting, we are inspired by America’s teens and heartened by the leadership businesses are showing to confront gun violence.

Rabbi Danny Burkeman and Cantor Hollis Schachner
Declaration of Independence rolled up between two rolled up American flags

I love sharing how important the greatest Jewish story ever told – the Exodus, the centerpiece of Passover – was to the original, remarkable leaders of America.

Rabbi Rick Schechter
The author standing in a row of people, including her newly ordained Baptist minister friend

To welcome the stranger is to make our homes, congregations, and countries places of refuge for all. But what about welcoming the stranger into our hearts?

Sofi Hersher
Man in shadow atop a mountain, arms outstretched, with sunshine behind him

Being Black and Jewish is inextricably linked to my passion for Torah, Jewish tradition, culture, and ritual, all braided together like the strands of a loaf of challah.

Yaffa Ru’ahh
Group of students from Florida wearing MSD Strong shirts

We may never reach a full t’shuvah in our ability to forgive, but we should always strive to make the world better for future generations.​

Rabbi Melissa Stollman
Person at a seder table reading haggadah; glass of wine in foreground

The Feminist Seder was a highlight of my youth. With the explosion of the #MeToo movement, our modern plagues could pack a renewed punch at feminist seders everywhere.

Abigail Pogrebin
Little girl wearing a superhero mask and boxing gloves

With movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp, it is the time for women to mobilize using the fearless power of their voices.

Susannah R. Cohen
Islamic crest and Star of David signs held next to one another against a blue background

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, and in truth, there’s a lot of laughter in what comes next: An imam and a rabbi walk into a conference of Reform Jews…

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Publicity poster for the documentary film "Sand on the Floor"

I recently created a documentary about a synagogue’s history and in the process, uncovered an important chapter in my own journey that began when I was a child.

Steve Rockstein
Flat gray and black rocks balanced on top of one another

Musar connects my Jewish learning and burgeoning spiritual awakening with what I used to call my “regular” life, the bridge between my two previously separated worlds.

Jared Goldin


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