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Jewish Values

Close-up of violin being played

Although German composer Jakob Felix Mendelssohn’s wedding march is rarely heard at Jewish weddings, it is perfect for them.

Cantor Jacqueline L. Marx
Disposable coffee cup (with steam rising from it), sleeve and lid sitting in a pile of coffee beans

Knowing when to let go is a most difficult decisions many of us will face as we age. If we hold on to people or things too long, we risk harm to them and to ourselves. 

Rabbi Jack Riemer
Two men holding hands; hands and wrists are in Pride stripes

The life I live today as a queer Jew of color would not have been possible without our queer forebears and the work they did around the 1969 Stonewall rebellion.

Marques Hollie
Closeup of the hands and Converse sneakers of a teenage girl sitting on asphalt

At the Pride service my transgender daughter recently organized at our temple, she noted how she has always felt at home there. As her mom, those words warmed my heart.

Alisa Gold
Silhouette of a family standing against sunset

We must continue to work to realize the Reform Jewish community;s vision of a world where all people experience justice, compassion, and wholeness.

Pat Blum
Person hold Pride flag and using cell phone to photograph a Pride parade

We come from different backgrounds but are driven by a simple shared goal: justice for all LGBTQ people, especially transgender and gender non-conforming folks.

Rabbi Mike Moskowitz and Lizzie Stein
Dozens of campers on a soccer field making a heart shape using their hands

When tragedy struck Camp Coleman, we asked how we could respond. The answer was to cry together, support one another and establish a lasting legacy at camp for our friend.

Rabbi Adam Miller
Adult woman with children in a border detention center

We have witnessed traumatic cruelty in the U.S. recently. If witnessing it has been traumatic, we can only begin to imagine the pain of those who suffered it directly.

Rabbi David Stern
Rabbi Jonah Pesner, Rev. Al Sharpton, and other faith leaders in McAllen, TX

It is a blessing to stand side by side with other rabbis, cantors, priests, imams, and pastors, to demonstrate our commitment to achieving a more just and compassionate immigration system.

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner
Child covering his face by holding a dirty hand up to the camera

As someone who loves a religion that holds the texts of the Hebrew Bible as sacred, I take issue with attempts to use the Bible as a tool to convince us we should comply blindly.

Rabbi Rachel Bearman


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