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Three young girls in bright summer tees around a computer

Encouraging girls to explore concepts related to science and engineering helps them discover and harness the power they possess to make a difference in the world.

Delaney Cotton
Full moon illuminating dark sky and clouds

It may be foolish for a young boy to interpret an ordinary experience as an encounter with God, but I cling to my belief that it was – and it changed my life.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
solar eclipse

This week, our natural world is telling us that beyond the darkness there is light. Behind the dark circle of the moon there is a warm, bright, shining light.

Rachel Landman
Two girls wearning fluorescent safety goggles and working with a Bunsen burner

Inquisitive and intelligent campers spent time studying astronomy, 3D animation, computer programming, and more this summer, but what makes these things Jewish?  

Rabbi Mark Kaiserman

As the only Jewish holiday occurring during the summer, the primary place in the North American Reform community where we find Tishah B’Av observed – for the most part – is in our summer camps. Nonetheless, Tishah B’Av can provide an opportunity for all Jews to reflect on serious questions concerning the meaning of the Jewish experience and our relationship with God.

Rabbi Steven Bob
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