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Amanda Ryan rests her chin her her hand and smiles behind a fully lit menorah

A number of things have helped me get to a place where I felt more accepting of my own identities and able to take shame and doubt and transform them into strength and courage.

Amanda Ryan
Colorful paper cutouts depicting a group of people

I am Black, I am Jewish, and I am a lesbian, among other things – and I am all of those things at all times in every context; not parts that intersect, but a whole person who fits into different worlds and spaces.

Everlyn A. Hunter
Knitted rainbow kippah resting on a rainbow flag

I am queer.

J Collins
Shadowy profile of a man in a superhero cape walking up a flight up stairs

I like to tell people that being Jewish brought out the beauty within me that I was never able to put into words or actions until I came face to face with its illuminating teachings. 

Robin Harrison
The author stands behind a wooden podium in front of an AVODAH sign

“As a Jewish woman of Color…” is how I begin most conversations these days.

Yolanda Savage-Narva
The author smiling while standing in front of scenery in Israel

"Your formula is made up of three things society doesn’t view positively – and I’m working to change that for you"

Destiny Karash-Givens
Women holding hands in front of a rainbow flag

We read, “Let all who are hungry come and eat.” These words have taken on deep meaning for me as I came out of the closet, got married, and had kids of my own: Our freedom and redemption are founded on being inclusive and welcoming.

Rabbi Dara Lithwick
Headshot of a smiling Marques Hollie against a black backdrop

Marques Hollie talks to us about the Passover performance piece he created called “Go Down Moshe," at the intersection of “the shared otherness of American Jews and people of color.” 

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
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