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Judicial Nominations

America is in a state of emergency. This time, I’m not talking about Hurricane Sandy, or the fiscal cliff or domestic violence. I’m talking about the state of judicial emergencies that exists in 33 places across our country and that compromises our democratic system.
Sarah Krinsky

Very little in the Old Testament is coincidental. The reappearance of words, the choice of names, the span of time – everything can be linked to a greater or deeper theological meaning.

Sarah Krinsky
a Pomegranate on a branch

Judaism has many different depictions of God.

Perhaps you, like myself and many others, were perched in front of your computer, a television, or in front of the Supreme Court itself yesterday, awaiting the

Over a month ago, the Senate leadership struck a bipartisan deal pledging to vote on a package of 14 judicial nominees, thereby

Oral arguments in what could be the most historic Supreme Court case of the 20th century have concluded, but the deliberations are just beginning.

It’s the third and final day for the Affordable Care Act at the Supreme Court, and the topics of severability and Medicaid expansion take center stage.

Throughout its two years of existence, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has undergone substantial scrutiny and debate, but its fate lies in the hands of the nine Supreme Court justice

Evan James Miller was raised in Alabama by a father who abused him from an early age, caus

Katharine Nasielski

Our nation’s well-being depends on the smooth functioning of the judicial system and on the checks and balances it ensures as one of the three co-equal branches of government.


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