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Young woman looking back over her shoulder and smiling

At the Kotel, I was confused as to why I was being completely rejected from the most central place of meaning in my religion. I didn’t know how to react.

Angelica Vohland
Women of the Wall members blowing shofar at the Kotel on Rosh Chodesh Elul

Last night, in both Phoenix and Jerusalem, those who benefit most from the status quo rallied to defend it, vilifying those seeking change and social progress.

Mark J. Pelavin
View of coastal Netanya Israel with both industrial buildings and lush beaches in view

This is liberal Judaism on the edge: Flinging doors open wide to those who would otherwise be left behind. The community is a voice of Judaism that is open to all who seek it.

Rabbi Neal Gold
Group of dozens of rabbis and other Reform Jews holding Torah scrolls at the Western Wall while wearing prayer shawls

Why now? Why the onslaught of regressive, intolerant and anti-egalitarian actions? Because we are growing — and they are scared.

Chelsea Feuchs
Women at the Kotel holding a prayer shawl over other women who are reading from the Torah

My mixed impressions about Rosh Chodesh Adar will still take some time to settle, but I feel enriched and empowered knowing that each small step is meaningful in the ongoing struggle for all Jews to feel welcome and respected at that holy space.  

Sharon Mann

Earlier this week, two Reform leaders came together for a Facebook Live conversation to discuss the current state of religious pluralism in the State of Israel, including what's happening now and what we can do to make our voices heard.

Kate Bigam

On Wednesday, September 21st, Reform Jewish leaders will host a webinar to discuss the ongoing situation at the Western Wall.

Anat Hoffman

I am hopeful that when I return to Jerusalem, I will feel no hesitation or anxiety when I wrap myself in my tallit at the Western Wall, singing out loud alongside women and other Reform Jews without scrutiny or fear of repercussions. Because of the recent messages sent by the ultra-Orthodox through their actions, if I were to hop on a plane and travel to the Kotel today, I am not sure that would be the case. 

Madeline Budman

Reform and Conservative Jewish leaders in North America and Israel are speaking out to tell Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that they will not stand for unequal treatment under Israeli law.

Kate Bigam

The Israeli government promised to come up with a plan for the Kotel deal's implementation by June 1st  – but promises yielded to political pressure and procrastination. All the while, visitors to the Kotel continue to be assaulted by the gender police.

Anat Hoffman


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