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Glory Mayreis stands at a podium bearing the name NFTY Convention

In eighth grade, I finally came to terms with my LGBTQ identity. A year later, standing outside our synagogue on a Friday night, I came out to my twin brother.

Glory Mayreis
Candle burning in darkness

 Today is International Transgender Day of Remembrance, a time opportunity to read and reflect on the names of those we have lost.

Noah Fitzgerel & Lizzie Stein
LGBT rainbow flag blowing against a blue sky

The Reform Jewish community has welcomed, embraced and fought for LGBTQ people and continues to do so even now as transgender individuals are under attack by our government.

Rabbi Denise L. Eger
LGBT equality rally with the focal point being a sign that reads THANK YOU EDIE WINDSOR OUR HERO

 She sued the government, becoming the plaintiff in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and granted same-sex couples equal status under federal law.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Colored pencils placed in a way such that their tips create negative space in the shape of a heart

Take your false concerns for the children of LGBTQ parents elsewhere; we're doing just fine, thank you.

Chelsea Feuchs
Team photo of smiling college students standing and kneeling with their arms around one another while wearing uniforms and posing on some sort of field

I just wanted to be me, and have the space to figure out who that was without being squeezed inside one of those cramped, dark spaces.

Lucy Brown
CLoseup of two young and cleancut men in suits with bowties as though at their wedding

How might we approach Pride with the same intentionality with which we approach a wedding?

Rabbi Karen Perolman

Unfortunately there are people in this world who look upon the LGBTQ community and see it as a threat, a scourge to be wiped off the earth, a people whom God has cursed. But if they were to look closely, to speak with people, to get to know this community up close and personal, surely they would see that, in fact, it is a community God has blessed.

Rabbi Dr. Linda Henry Goodman

In the last few days, the LGBTQ community has been under attack from various groups in Israel. On the eve of the Jerusalem Pride March, which will be held in honor of Shira Banki, z"l, who was murdered a year ago today in last year’s pride march, the mood in the LGBTQ community is extremely grave.

Rabbi Noa Sattath
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