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Two men, one holding a rose, shown from the neck down on their wedding day

Three years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marriageEven as we celebrate this victory, there’s still much work to do.

Noah Fitzgerel
Campers and staff in a friendship circle as seen from outside the circle

The only connection to Judaism I maintained in high school was through sporadic summers at camp. I returned there as a counselor before college, after my mom came out.

Chelsea Feuchs
The author with his husband and son

When my son Jacob asks how he was made, I’ll have the answer ready: “God, science, and a whole lot of love.” Of course, there are many more details to his story…

Rabbi Daniel Mikelberg
Israeli and rainbow flags at gay pride parade in Tel Aviv

Although Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are only 36 miles apart, there is a world of difference in their gay pride parades.

Cantor Evan Kent
Transgender symbol painted on young person's palm

Forcing transgender public school students to use bathrooms that conflict with their gender identity can contribute to the alarmingly high rate of transgender suicides.

Lea Andersen
Rainbow flag in the breeze

Pride Month offers LGBTQ folks and allies an opportunity to celebrate increased visibility, but this year, there is deep frustration for many in this vibrant community.

Max Antman
Globe supported by hands

As Reform Jews, we are called, like the generations before us, to build partnerships across lines of difference to advocate for and engage with the oppressed of our day.


Rabbi Lucy Dinner
Injustice written on a blackboard with the Un partially erased

As North American Jews, we have a certain level of privilege. With this privilege comes a sense of obligation to care for the vulnerable among us.

Catherine Gibson
Little girl from behind wearing superhero cape

This Purim, we recognize modern-day heroes for their courage, chutzpah, integrity, goodness, and – most of all – for inspiring us all to #BeLikeEsther.

Deborah Rood Goldman
Young woman in shadow jumping on the beach; water and sunlight in the background

In 2016, I participated in a Federation-led LGBTQ mission to Israel that included an incredible aha moment during Shabbat.

Cantor Mark Goldman


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