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Machon Kaplan

Anthony Graves has seen lucid men go insane.

I took a course last semester about violence in St. Louis, looking for a thought-provoking discussion about my school-year city. I started following the local crime section of the St.

It’s only Week 2 of the RAC’s Machon Kaplan Summer Social Action Internship Program, and already our participants have been blogging up a s

I’ve only been in Washington for a few days, but already I’ve learned an important lesson from my time with the United Nations Foundation: Ask questions.

On Sunday, along with 19 other Jewish college students, I began my six-week experience in the Machon Kaplan summer internship program.

Manda Graizel, the Machon Kaplan Program Coordinator.


"And you shall be holy, for I the lord am Holy" (Leviticus 11:44).

Having been raised by two mothers in an all-female household (my sister is two years my junior), I am particularly aware of the rhetoric attached to the controversial qualification of what does or

Leah Dawson


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