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Mental health concept of a maze inside a brain

As Jews, we believe that the government has an obligation to ensure that all people can access health care, including mental health care. As we observe Mental Health Awareness Month, let us remember the importance of mental health and work toward a society where all people can access the care they need.

Jacob Greenblatt
Woman holding a mug and looking out a large window during sunrise

In recent weeks, we have found ourselves on a journey for which we have felt totally unprepared. Like our ancestors, we lack maps and familiar signposts (though we do have Zoom!) to help us get oriented in our new reality.

Rabbi Nancy H. Wiener, DMin
Closeup of a hand strumming a guitar

This song provides us with a musical roadmap: Give fear room to process, but do not let it take root; humbly accept the unnatural and urgent circumstances before us; and then, put one foot in front of the other, sing with gusto, and digitally embrace your people.

Rabbi Alex Kress
Hands over a skillet steaming atop a stove

During this time of social isolation and physical distancing, cooking simple, comfort foods can serve as a welcome and calming distraction – even if you don’t consider yourself a cook. 

Deborah Rood Goldman
Background figure gently holding an image of the brain on a bed of light in open palms of the hand

A psychiatric disease is not someone’s fault nor is a diagnosis meant to be a weapon. Its purpose is not to label, but rather to help.

Rabbi Sandra Cohen
Cluster of balloons with frowning faces and one with a smiley face

With every seemingly worse piece of bad news littering our social media feeds and our news cycles and in the streets right before our very eyes, it’s fair to wonder: What if we simply can’t be happy, even when we’re commanded to? What if you just don’t feel like dancing?

Chris Harrison
White puzzle with one piece missing

I was 20 when I learned that my first love had committed suicide. His death shattered me, both mentally and emotionally – but it also saved my life. You see, in the months leading up to his suicide, I had been planning my own.

Kate Kaput
Hand holding up a sign that represents multiple genders

My daughter was born with gender dysphoria, meaning her biological sex does not match her gender identity. 

Alisa Gold
Red outline of heart shape on butcher paper; in the heart, the paper is torn back to reveal the words Love Yourself

Perhaps the Hebrew month of Av invites us to find a balance between the deep mourning of Tishah B’Av and the hope of finding love embodied in Tu B’Av a few days later?

Rabbi Callie B. Schulman
Woman sitting on bed with negative pregnancy test stick in her hand

At the end of my first year as a rabbi, as several colleagues had babies or announced they were expecting, my husband and I decided it was time to get crackin’.

Rabbi Callie Schulman


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