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Gravestones with American flags in front of each one

Memorial Day isn’t a Jewish holiday but remembering and honoring fallen military is certainly a Jewish value. Let us remember those who gave their lives in battle.

Jane E. Herman
Outstretched hand reaching toward clouds

I wonder: Do souls see and remember? Are they aware of what goes on among the living? Do they have feelings? Are they close with God? Do they only see and connect with people they love? Does this connection last for eternity?

Paula Kaplan-Reiss
Womans hands holding a Yahrzeit candle

Not enough time has passed for us to fully heal from what we, as the communal collective, experienced. We may be able to understand and process the grief more fully, and recognize the signs of post-traumatic stress, but it doesn’t lessen the effects of either.

Rabbi Melissa Zalkin Stollman
Single lit candle against a dark background with light shimmer effect

This past weekend in Selma, we, a group of white, upper middle-class Jews, allowed ourselves to learn about the past in new ways, acknowledging some of the worst deeds we have ever done.

Rabbi Allison Berry
cemetery with flowers in the foreground

I’ve often wondered what it is like to be buried in the local Jewish cemetery that is a part of a much larger non-denominational facility in Long Beach, California.

Ruth Cooperman
Blue police booth on a London street

I have been a fan of “Doctor Who” for many years, but until I sat shiva for my father recently, I did not really understand what it felt like to travel on the TARDIS.

Rabbi Michael L. Feshbach
Hand of a young women holding the hand of a young woman as if in a hospital

She had tended me during my bad feelings. I had held her hand during hers. Her gift of language comforted me until the very end, even without being able to hear her voice. And now, I am left with memories

Paula Kaplan-Reiss
Close up of a Yahrzeit candle

This poem, written by a student at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, commemorates the victims of the Tree of Life synagogue shooting in October 2018.

Hannah Daniel
Tealights in the shape of a Star of David with hands reaching in to light some of the candles

As we remember that dark day in our history and honor those who lost their lives, here are a few resources to help you mark the anniversary in ways that are, we hope, emotionally, mentally, and Jewishly fulfilling for you.

    Kate Bigam Kaput
    White puzzle with one piece missing

    I was 20 when I learned that my first love had committed suicide. His death shattered me, both mentally and emotionally – but it also saved my life. You see, in the months leading up to his suicide, I had been planning my own.

    Kate Kaput


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