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Other Holidays

Red paper lanterns hanging over a street at twilight

My father is fond of reminding my family of how lucky we are to be Chinese and Jewish. “Three New Year celebrations means three chances for a fresh start!

Rabbi Jacqueline Mates-Muchin
Open pocketwatch with clock face visible in front of blurred and colorful confetti

The secular New Year is upon us. What will you make of the year to come?

Rabbi Paul Kipnes
Closeup of a budding pine cone in a pine tree dusted with snow

My husband, along with millions and billions of other people, doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but I never thought my children wouldn’t celebrate it.

Susan Brownstein
Montage of fall folliage, leaves,pine cones, and small gourds

This original prayer is a reminder to all of us to rejoice in life's blessings and to share the bounty of God's gifts.

Alden Solovy
Make a difference sign tacked to a cork board

As we take stock of our own blessings at this season, one way to demonstrate our gratitude is to support efforts that provide goods and services to those in need.

Jane E. Herman
Grocery cart containing produce, bread, and other items; store aisle and shelves in background

Read one writer’s prayer of gratitude inspired by the abundance she sees in the grocery store.

Sharon Davidson
Assorted rocks and stones on wet sand; largest one says Blessings

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, our Torah readings take up the story of Jacob. Learn how these seemingly different topics dovetail beautifully.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
rows of small American flags on sticks upright in the grass

We are compelled to confess how we are failing our veterans.

Rabbi David Wirtschafter
Three ghost images with no facial features; arms up in the air

There is absolutely nothing that prohibits nice Jewish boys and girls from hitting the streets on Halloween. Why would we eschew this utterly secular American custom?

Rabbi Keith Stern
Four glittery black and orange jackolanterns against a teal backdrop

Do Jews celebrate Halloween? Well, it depends on whom you ask. Reform Jews seem to be particularly divided on the subject of celebrating the spooky holiday.

Kate Bigam


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