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A child and an adult watching the Hanukkah lights

BimBam’s animated videos spark connections to Judaism with compelling and engaging digital storytelling for kids, parents, and educators. Check out the Hanukkah videos.

Stephanie Fink
A white correspondence card with a handwritten Thank you! on it, halfway out of a red envelope

After visiting his transgender son during his first semester away at college, a father writes a loving note, thanking him for being an inspiration.

Rabbi Peter Kessler
Hand of a young women holding the hand of a young woman as if in a hospital

She had tended me during my bad feelings. I had held her hand during hers. Her gift of language comforted me until the very end, even without being able to hear her voice. And now, I am left with memories

Paula Kaplan-Reiss
Jonah Bookman poses with his state senator

I chose to spend the last day of summer before seventh grade participating in the 2019 Sacramento Lobby Day with the Cali

Jonah Bookman
Young child sitting on an adults lap while looking at a laptop screen as if watching videos together

How can you, as a parent, also infuse this time of year with meaning and with the Jewish values that are important to you?

Stephanie Fink
The author at a motivational presentation at a school

Being Jewish and having a congenital bone deficiency has made my life path quite unique, so I would like to share my story.

Lloyd H. Bachrach
Sunset profile of a child holding the hand of an adult and looking up toward them

Now that I’m a parent, teaching my children about racism, classism, and homophobia is as important to me as teaching them about their 5,000-year-old Jewish heritage. 

Rachel Hall
Coop and his family

My faith in God has never been more important to me than in the last two-plus years – ever since my son became extremely ill during his freshman year of high school.

Jenny Grossman
Tile sign of the Star of David with the Vulcan salute in front

You’re probably familiar with the Star Trek hand symbol that means, “Live long and prosper!” Did you may know that Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock, was Jewish?

Julia Berg
Three people facing a body of water with their arms around one another in shirts that say PIONEER SUMMER

To be in a camp like this, these young people could be genuine in their identities as deep thinkers, curious minds, playful youth, and passionate Jews, all coalescing in the sacred space of community.

Rabbi Jason Levine


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