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Closeup of rusted prison cell bars

The Book of Proverbs instructs us to “speak up for those who cannot raise our voices on behalf of the vulnerable and downtrodden.” (Proverbs 31:8-9). The individuals who make up America’s prison population are isolated, vulnerable, and voiceless.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs and Rabbi Hilly Haber
The author with her husband and two children reading a book in the fort they created

Instead of longing for traditions of years past, we reveled in the joy that comes with stepping away from convention and creating new rituals that hold deep symbolic meaning –  just like the Jews who fled Egypt so many years ago.

Aliza Schauder
Moon peering through a closeup of cherry blossom trees

As we gather under the full moon of Nisan, the same moon that our ancestors gathered under for thousands of years in celebration of Passover, may we draw strength from their resilience and the cour

Marita Anderson
Two people with their backs to the camera as they watch a seder on a laptop screen

Whether you're hosting a seder via Zoom or doing a small, in-person seder with those quarantined with you at home, these two new video resources may be helpful in guiding you through the steps of the seder.

Kate Kaput
Closeup of hands holding a Haggadah with a glass of white wine in view

"Source of Blessing, our lives are in turmoil, our hearts heavy. Help us to cope with this modern plague..."

Rabbinic Pastor Cantor Lisa Levine
View from inside a darkened cave with trees and light visible beyond it

Just imagine the 12 holidays of Pesach that RaShBi and his son spent in the cave, each year hoping that this would be the one in which the decree would be lifted and they could emerge

Rabbi Josh Weinberg

Editor's Note: This piece was originally published on March 17, 2013.

Dasee Berkowitz
Closeup of a seder plate and a table setting

Each year on Passover, we ask “Mah nishtanah,” “Why is this night different?” This year, though, we know why: Pesach 5780 is simply unlike any other.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Hand stirring a pot of matzah ball soup

During this period of physical distancing, it’s more important than ever to create meaning and community wherever we can. Need some inspiration? Try these ideas for Passover under quarantine

The URJ College Leadership Team
Seder table with more than a dozen place settings

During this surreal period, many of us are trying hard to keep sadness and anxiety at bay, and that’s important. It's equally important, though, to remain connected to our feelings. Each of us is giving up so many things this year – and for me, the hardest thing to lose is our Passover seder.

Margie Bogdanow


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