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Isaac Herzog standing at a podium addressing the URJ Biennial

Reform Judaism is becoming a major pillar of world Jewry – and as such, we should analyze the major challenges of the Jewish people today.

Isaac Herzog
Heavy link chain in shadow across the sky; last link is broken and three birds fly free, away from the chain

An equal partnership between Diaspora and Israeli Jews is vital for a Jewish, democratic state. Creating such an entity, though, is profoundly difficult.

Rabbi Stanley M. Davids
Israel's parliament building, the Knesset

Israelis recently elected an assortment of representatives to parliament, but a coalition could not be formed, so the country will hold new elections in September.

Rabbi Josh Weinberg
Egalitarian prayer space at the Kotel (Western Wall)

Weeks after I prayed at the Western Wall at the start of the new Hebrew month of Adar II, I still struggle to find meaning in the concept of Jewish peoplehood.

Miriam Hoffman
Black and white image of Cantor Katie Oringel teaching students outdoors in Israel with only her rainbow kippah appearing in color

When we arrived in Israel, I removed it my kippah. I’d become comfortable wearing it in Toronto, but in Israel, I feared being questioned about my Jewish choice.

Cantor Katie Oringel
Women of the Wall Rosh Chodesh celebration, March 8, 2019

Tonight as I gather 10 women to recite Birkat HaGomeil (after overcoming danger), I will hold close hundreds of others – with me recently to celebrate the new month.

Hila Shiloni Rosner
View down the aisle of an airplane filled with travelers

Recently, a Haredi’s hard hat box fell on my head. The metaphor was stark: female rabbinical student bashed by a symbol of religious hegemony she’s long rejected.

Chelsea Feuchs
Women in Israeli military with arm on shoulder of URJ Heller High student

I love the sounds of Jerusalem. The voices, noises, and music all tell stories that are unparalleled in the Jewish world – and perhaps in the world at large.

Rabbi Loren Sykes
Young children gathered around watching a woman read from a Torah scroll

Just as it is inaccurate to paint all progressive Jews with a broad brush, the same is true for Haredim, traditionally observant or ultra-Orthodox Jews.

Chelsea Feuchs
Scene of Jerusalem with a lot of buildings made from Jerusalem stone

For those of us who believe that, while Israel should be a “nation like all the other nations,” it should somehow not be too much like all the others.

Rabbi Marc J. Rosenstein


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