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Group of children in costumes under a sign reading THE LITTLE MERMAIDELEH

What makes for the perfect Purim-spiel? Cantor Marnie Camhi, who serves Temple Beth Miriam in Elberon, N.J., has become a bit of an expert. 

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Individuals dressed in all black costumes acting out the Purim story on a small stage

With a collaborator who wrote a clever script, I took on the role of Haman and joined my fellow actors in singing my lyrics. I also choreographed a couple of numbers, fulfilling my desire to write, sing, act, and dance.

Paula Kaplan-Reiss
Partial view of woman's pink silky skirt with gold beading hanging from the tiers

Reform Jewish poet Stacey Z. Robinson wrote this original poem for Purim, painting a much different picture of Esther than we knew as children.

Stacey Zisook Robinson
Child in a superhero costume with one fist raised against a blue sky background

The possibilities are only limited by imagination, and children’s imaginations are not limited.

Sheila Purdin
Aerial flatlay of a variety of Purim related objects and items including masks hamantaschen and a bottle of wine

Purim festivities don't square with what I know about the harmful side of alcohol: It destroys people’s lives. What message are we sending our children?

Juliette Hirt
Purim spread featuring hamantaschen party favors and two glasses of white wine

As we prepare to celebrate Purim, a festival of merriment and joy, many Jews will be celebrating by

Caroline Dorn
Phases of the moon arcing across the sky; full moon in the middle

Although we may think time moves in a linear fashion, Jewish holidays insert themselves in unexpected moments and places, seemingly out-of-sync with our expectations.

Rabbi Sharon G. Forman
Father reading a book with his young son and daughter

A talking parrot saves the family seder and a moose-musician is eager to host his perfect first Passover meal in a pair of delightful new children's

Penny Schwartz (JTA)
Cellophane-wrapped, bow-tied gift basket

I love the idea that one of the things we try to do on Purim is increase connection and friendship – and sending gift baskets is the perfect way to do that!

Rabbi David Jaffe
Volunteers working behind the scenes in the HUC JIR soup kitchen

At the end of M’gillat Esther, the Jewish people celebrate their survival with merrymaking, feasting, and sending gifts to one another and to the poor.

Juliana Karol, Eliana Fischel, & Eric Abbott


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