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When in a popular Purim song we sing “Hava narishah-rash, rash, rash,” “Wind your noisemakers,” all that "rashing" does mom

Edmon J. Rodman

It was not until I joined my synagogue’s religious education committee that I learned that many American Jews do not celebrate Halloween. From the time I could trick-or-treat, I knew the basics of Halloween: There were witches and goblins, I went trick-or-treating and got candy, and later in life, we collected money for UNICEF. As far as I was concerned, religion had nothing to do with Halloween.

Howard Lev

Consequently, these days are recalled and observed in every generation: by every family, every province, and every city.

Rabbi Marc Rosenstein

We laughed so hard - at Cantor Doug Cotler's cleverly funny songs, at Rabbi Julia Weisz's ridiculously hysterical costumes, at my inappropriate yet Purimly-acceptable riffs on Megillat Esther, the story of Purim. We laughed out loud, belly laughed. And in between, we reflected on lessons of transcendent importance. We adults, we did.

Rabbi Paul Kipnes

Commemorate this Purim by making community service and "matanot l'evyonim" - gifts the poor - a priority.

Lisa Paquette

This year, we celebrate the beginning of the month of Adar between “Shabbat Shekalim” and the Shabbat when we read the Torah portion “Truma” (donation).

Rabbi Gilad Kariv

"When Adar enters, joy increases!" So says the wisdom of our tradition (B. Ta'anit 29a.) Why?

Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

A few years ago, I found myself in a bit of a Purim predicament specifically pertaining to the “to tell or not to tell” dilemma regarding Vashti, one of the oft forgotten players in our Purim tale.

Rabbi Vicki Seren Tuckman


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