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Rabbi Rick Jacobs

Rabbi Rick Jacobs at the URJ Biennial in 2017

A newly published article in New York Magazine powerfully captures the work of the Reform Jewish Movement in North America and its leader, Rabbi Rick Jacobs.

Mark J. Pelavin
Cell phone with earbuds, coffee, wooden spoon with a heart handle and four pastel macaroons all seen from above

Here at, we’re celebrating a very special birthday: Our first podcast, On the Other Hand: Ten Minutes of Torah, is turning three years old! We’re growing up so fast and getting so big. Cake, anyone?

Kate Bigam Kaput
Images of the four individuals listed in this piece as honored by a recent Jerusalem Post piece on the most influential Jews of 2017

There are a few folks on the list who we’re particularly excited about: four individuals who will speak at the Union for Reform Judaism’s upcoming 2017 Biennial Convention, held December 6-10 in Boston, MA.

Kate Bigam
Disembodied hands holding a newspaper

Since last Shabbat, more than a few keystrokes have been devoted to Charlottesville – the rally itself, events in the aftermath, and  perspectives on what it all means for our Jewish community. 

Jane E. Herman
Three middleaged women in hijab sitting in mosque pews during a service

In this incredible, compelling special, Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist faith leaders discuss bigotry, racism, and how faith communities are working to combat them.

Kate Bigam

There were 14 Torah scrolls and hundreds of committed Jews standing with one goal: to hold an egalitarian service at the Kotel.

Anat Hoffman

Too often in our own day, politicians of all stripes seek advantage through the denigration of others, through the promulgation of fear, and through the dissemination of hate. But not all views have validity. Some are anathema to everything we hold dear.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs

Reform and Conservative Jewish leaders in North America and Israel are speaking out to tell Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that they will not stand for unequal treatment under Israeli law.

Kate Bigam

The Israeli government promised to come up with a plan for the Kotel deal's implementation by June 1st  – but promises yielded to political pressure and procrastination. All the while, visitors to the Kotel continue to be assaulted by the gender police.

Anat Hoffman

Most of us are looking for simple ways to re-center ourselves and our lives, and's new weekly podcast is designed to help you do just that.

Rabbi Leora Kaye


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