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Closeup of a child looking down on a container of blueberry ice cream on a picnic table

This ice cream is made with 100% kid power! I love this process because it’s fun, interactive, and takes some stamina.

Hannah Riederer
Three blintzes on a plate garnished with peach slices and a dollop of sour cream

When we moved to Israel, I kept Grandmother’s blintz pans. They were a link to the past: to heritage, to history, to family.

Cantor Evan Kent
Collage of some of the Israeli dishes mentioned in this article including chicken kebabs and Israeli salad

You don’t need to be in Israel to celebrate this festive day the Israeli way. 

Marissa Solomon
Closeup of a hand dipping a spoon into a full bowl of matzah ball soup with carrots

Who says eight days of dietary restrictions need to make your life less delicious? Here are 18 recipes for a tasty (but still unleavened!) Passover. 

Marissa Solomon
Collage of photos of Passover recipes from around the world

These 10 recipes will give you a small taste of how many Jews around the world celebrate Passover. 

Marissa Solomon
Single layer chocolate cake with colorful sprinkles sitting on a plate atop a table covered in confetti

We've rounded up our best, chocolatiest recipes, all with Jewishly inspired origins, for you to whip up in your own kittchen. 

Kate Kaput

There are lots of ways to infuse your celebration with Jewish meaning – and recipes from Start with a favorite turkey recipe and these dishes will cover the rest.

Marissa Solomon
Chef and restaurateur Michael Solomonov

I caught up with Chef Michael Solomonov, James Beard Award-winner for best Mid-Atlantic chef, to talk about the defining influences that shaped his career as a chef.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Hand using a wooden spoon to stir a pot of soup

My involvement with Judaism began in college, I engaged in Jewish culture in my kitchen and cooking became an accessible path into a world of Jewish tradition.

Chelsea Feuchs
whole roast chicken on a plate encircled by roasted carrots and Brussels sprouts

Learn how two young people’s passion for old world Jewish food inspired them to attempt to spark an Ashkenazi culinary renaissance.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer


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