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Reform Movement in Israel

Israel b'nai mitzvah students and their leaders outside the Knesset during Hanukkah 2017

Recently, I took my b’nai mitzvah students to the Knesset to see how liberal Jewish values are rooted in tradition and can inform Israel’s public policy decisions.

Rabbi Stacey Blank
Celebrating Shabbat in a Progressive Israeli synagogue

Today’s religious reality in Israel is painful. Israelis are deeply divided between religious and secular, and neither group wants anything to do with the other. 

Cantor Galit Dadoun Cohen
Flat black stones placed on the sand to form an open heart

In 2016, I arrived at a Reform Jewish summer camp, knowing nothing about Reform Judaism. I returned to Israel transformed by my experience, eager to continue my journey.

Ella Steiner
Group of teen campers outside in front of a tree

When big news develops during camp, campers and staff have space to explore the issues and share perspectives openly in communities of mutual Jewish concern.

Rabbi Reuven Greenvald
Anat Hoffman surrounded by other women at the Kotel (Western Wall)

Learn what led Anat Hoffman to a career as a Jewish activist, and what keeps her there as executive director of the Israel Religious Action Center. 

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Colored pencils placed in a way such that their tips create negative space in the shape of a heart

Take your false concerns for the children of LGBTQ parents elsewhere; we're doing just fine, thank you.

Chelsea Feuchs
Six teens walking in an open expanse of the Negev Desert

Recently, I followed 40 teens and their leaders into the Negev at the start of their discovery journey in Israel. May the experience touch their emotions and their souls.

Rabbi Reuven Greenvald
Woman's hand holding yad and pointing to Torah text

Recently, Israel’s prime minister reneged on an agreement for an egalitarian prayer space at the Kotel. In the aftermath, what can we learn from the Talmud?

Rabbi Elyse Frishman
Walkway and benches at Moshav Shorashim in the Galilee region of northern Israel

Grateful to the URJ and my loyal readers throughout the last 17 years, I have decided to reduce the frequency of the “Galilee Diary” from monthly to occasionally.

Rabbi Marc Rosenstein
Two surfers in the Mediterranean in Israel

I know that Shavuot is near when I can hear the fruit vendors in the shuk (open-air market) extolling the virtues of the newly arrived crops of peaches, plums, apricots, and nectarines.

Cantor Evan Kent


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