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Religious Action Center

Childs hands holding a small globe

As we head into the first month of the secular new year, I’ll be inviting my congregation to think with me about what we might do to continue this holy work.

Rabbi Jordie Gerson
Hand in a pink sweater holding the new Moral Resistance book

We caught up with some of the contributors of the new anthology Moral Resistance and Spiritual Authority to learn about their perspectives on the spiritual origins of the Jewish pursuit of justice.

Abby Levine
Black and white image of a persons hands bound with chains

More people are enslaved today than at any other point in history – more than 40 million people worldwide.

Talia Kaplan
US Capitol building on a sunny day

Today, the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism delivered a letter to every member of the 116th Congress.

The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
Sign on the window of a polling place

My congregation has set a collective goal of becoming a 100% voting community. We believe that this act of voting is sacred. 

Rabbi Fred Guttman

Here are some ways that you, as an individual, can engage in climate change mitigation.

    Joan Rachlin
    Shadows of a four person family cast upon a cement wall

    Jewish communities across North America will come together for National Refugee Shabbat on October 19-20, 2018, the week we read Parashat Lech L'cha

    Talia Kaplan
    Pile of  red, white, and blue buttons that say VOTE.

    Reform Judaism calls upon us to be civically engaged, making a direct call to action to involve ourselves in shaping our institutions to propel our world toward justice. 

    Elizabeth Leff
    Dome of the US Capitol Building against a blue sky with clouds

    This year, the High Holidays fall a month and a half before midterm elections, providing an opportunity for our community to reflect on the past year and make decisions about our future.

    Jenna Galper
    Three VOTE signs in red white and blue

    While Jews have not always been afforded the right to vote, voting encompasses several Jewish values.

    Rabbi Joel Mosbacher


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