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Religious Freedom

Women of the Wall Rosh Chodesh celebration, March 8, 2019

Tonight as I gather 10 women to recite Birkat HaGomeil (after overcoming danger), I will hold close hundreds of others – with me recently to celebrate the new month.

Hila Shiloni Rosner
Kotel (Western Wall) at night seen from a distance

Although Jews have had access to the Western Wall since 1967, only some Jews feel ownership over this important site. 

Chelsea Feuchs
airmail envelopes

As we Israelis wait on outcomes from today’s meeting between Netanyahu and Trump, we cannot let growing incitement and discrimination remain the new normal in Israel.

Rabbi Noa Sattath

Earlier this month, the State Department issued its annual report on International Religious Freedom. The report tracks religious freedom – for religious majorities, minorities and non-believers – in 199 countries.

Sarah Greenberg

As Jews, we have an obligation to defend a fellow minority under siege – but some of us don’t speak up because we don’t know what to say. Here is list of statements you are likely to hear and how you might respond.

Rabbi Sarah Bassin

Here are some recommendations from the staff of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism for social justice-centric podcasts that came out in 2015. What are your recommendations?

The Staff of the Religious Action Center

The new International Religious Freedom report highlights the impacts of many non-state actors on suppressing religious practices and observances, and shares that the number of people who live in countries with restrictions on religious freedom increased in 2014.

Rachel Landman
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