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On Rosh HaShanah it is written; on Yom Kippur it is sealed. But there’s an awful lot that happens in the middle.

Jenifer Newmark

To devote ourselves to an accurate accounting of the soul, it is customary to refrain from five specific activities related to our bodies on Yom Kippur.

Jane E. Herman
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Learn ways to perform the ritual of Tashlich (casting away our missteps on Rosh HaShanah afternoon) in a way that’s environmentally friendly.

Marissa Solomon
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At recent years’ Days of Awe services, I could swear I saw index fingers popping out all over the place – fingers of accusation, not of ownership or responsibility.

Rabbi Mark Glickman
The word forgiveness written in the sand with a heart as the dot over the letter i

S’lichot, penitential prayers said before the High Holidays, offer us opportunities for personal reflection and to seek forgiveness from those we wronged during the year.

Jane E. Herman
Row of books with several open books in foreground

The real preparation for the upcoming Days of Awe is the work I need to put into myself. To be the best model for my congregants, I must practice what I preach.

Rabbi P.J. Schwartz
computer keyboard with three additional keys: thumbs up (green), thumbs down (red), and thumbs neutral (yellow)

As we turn to the start of a new Jewish year, perhaps we can be inspired by the all-too-familiar customer satisfaction survey to evaluate our spiritual lives.

Rabbi Sharon G. Forman
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Earlier this week, we marked the first day of the Hebrew month of Elul when it is customary to take stock of our actions and behaviors in an effort to do better in the year to come.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Four ripe pomegranates hanging on a leafy tree

Here are seven things to know about Elul. May you find meaning and fulfillment in this month leading up to the High Holidays.

Jane E. Herman

Perhaps the most familiar melody we hear each High Holiday season is Kol Nidre – the introductory prayer recited before sundown on the eve of Yom Kippur.

Cantor Lauren Phillips


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