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Linda North and her husband, Bruce, with Rabbi Norman Mendel during her conversion ceremony

Last fall’s tragedy in Pittsburgh finally prompted Linda North, now known as Ruth bat Avraham v’Sarah, to set a date for her conversion to Judaism.

Heather Mendel
Close-up photo of young child examining butterfly resting on her index finger

Life can strip our ability to stand in awe. When the rent is due, the refrigerator is bare, relationships run us ragged, we struggle to find space for the extraordinary.

Rabbi Sara Y. Sapadin
Well-worn book opened to the section entitled Book of Ruth

Every year as Shavuot approaches, I think about my mother. That’s because her name was Ruth -- just like the book we Jews read on Shavuot.

Cantor Barbara J. Ostfeld
Round cheesecake

Shavuot is typically known as a dairy-heavy holiday, even though

Kate Kaput
A variety of cheeses spread out on a table

Jill Zenoff, a Jewish environmental educator and chef, won top prize at this year’s Cheesemonger Invitational. In advance of Shavuot, a dairy-heavy Jewish holiday, she talks about home cheesemaking and her favorite Shavuot recipe.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Torah text with silver had and tallit fringes

In the process of becoming b’nai mitzvah, adult students grapple, struggle, and wrestle, and in the end, always bring Torah to life and life to Torah.

Rabbi Lisa S. Greene
Kotel (Western Wall) crowded with throngs of visitors

Remarkable unity characterized the Jewish people in the days before receiving Torah at Sinai. Today, such unity isn’t always visible in the Jewish world.

Rabbi David Jaffe
View of Kotel and Dome of the Rock

On the same day the U.S. embassy opened in Jerusalem, more than 60 Palestinians lost their lives at the Gaza border. How can we bring balance to these disparate events? 

Rabbi Josh Weinberg
Closeup of a child looking down on a container of blueberry ice cream on a picnic table

This ice cream is made with 100% kid power! I love this process because it’s fun, interactive, and takes some stamina.

Hannah Riederer
Three blintzes on a plate garnished with peach slices and a dollop of sour cream

When we moved to Israel, I kept Grandmother’s blintz pans. They were a link to the past: to heritage, to history, to family.

Cantor Evan Kent


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