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Simchat Torah

Young woman chanting Torah

In this week’s Torah portion, B'reishit, we are introduced to “text painting,” a basic method of trope that uses melody directly connected to the meaning of the words.

Cantor David Reinwald
Overlapping pads of Post-It notes with a handwritten question mark on the top page of each pad

Questions are the lifeblood of learning and there is no better time to ask them then now.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Man using a yad to read from an unfurled Torah scroll on a table as members look on

On Simchat Torah, I watch as the Torah scroll is carefully unfurled onto a series of long connected tables – the text so much more than designs scattered on parchment.

Rabbi Linda Joseph
Closeup of a hand holder a sparkler at twilight

On Simchat Torah, as we read the final portion of the Torah and immediately beginning again, what can the blessings to the Israelites teach us about our world today?

Sofi Hersher
Stack of old letters tied with string; sealing wax and seal atop one loose letter

When a close family friend died, an old stack of our letters reminded me how I had been a teacher to him, even as he had been one to me.

Rabbi Steven Moskowitz
Unfurled Torah lying on a blue fabric with a light red fireworks pattern

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Audrey Merwin
Open Torah scroll with finger pointing to text

As Simchat Torah approaches, I am ambivalent: a new year offers a fresh start, even as we restart the same narrative the Jewish people have read for more than 5700 years.

Joseph Potischman

Every year, in this season of renewal, we are given the extraordinary opportunity to begin again.

Rabbi Lisa Tzur

On Simchat Torah, may Torah’s holy message dance forth from our sanctuary and our hearts.

Rabbi Michael Adam Latz

Tishah B’Av is the start of training season for our own Jewish Olympics – the High Holidays. Sure, they’re not as glamorous, there’s no torch-passing or opening ceremonies, and there are certainly no sponsors. But our Olympics are the test of our strength, the test of our endurance and our ability to overcome obstacles. Our Olympics are once a year, and training starts today.

Rabbi Michael E. Harvey


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