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Woman wearing a kippah turned away from the camera with her hand and forehead resting against the Western Wall

My career path wasn't always clear, and certainly not straight, but I recently discovered that I can draw a direct line from my current role (and my entire worldview around gender conditioning and Judaism) to the guiding Jewish values of my upbringing. 

Nicole Nevarez
Smiling family taking a selfie together with Israeli flag pennants in the background

As a family mediator and the parent of four children, I have found comfort and logic in the kibbutz response to this crisis – a laser focus on the responsibility to its members.

Talia Engelhart
Doctor holding a mouth swab

 I remembered the lessons from Sunday school about pikuach nefesh. I knew that the obligation to save someone’s life supersedes every other commandment. I knew that if I had the chance to save someone’s life I had to say, “yes.”

Rabbi Jason Fenster
Emma's Torch employees

Kerry Brodie runs Emma’s Torch, a non-profit social enterprise with paid culinary training and job placement for refugees, asylum seekers, and human trafficking victims.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Protesters rallying for health care for all

The U.S., by denying visas to immigrants who don’t have approved health insurance or the ability to pay for it, may exclude as many as two-thirds of future immigrants.

Danny Cooper
Cluster of balloons with frowning faces and one with a smiley face

With every seemingly worse piece of bad news littering our social media feeds and our news cycles and in the streets right before our very eyes, it’s fair to wonder: What if we simply can’t be happy, even when we’re commanded to? What if you just don’t feel like dancing?

Chris Harrison
Two teen boys holding an award and wearing matching red tees that say THIS SHIRT CAN SAVE A LIFE

When 17 people were killed in a shooting at our school, we were devastated by the deaths of our friends and teachers, and we wanted – no, needed – to take action. Here's how our Jewish values continue to guide and inform that work.

Jason Halpern
Protesters outside the Homestead detention center in Florida

Learn what one rabbi said at a civil disobedience event to protest child detention that was attended by more than 350 faith leaders in Washington, D.C. on June 12, 2019. 

Rabbi Esther L. Lederman
Pointed roofs of a church and a synagogue with a cross atop one and a Star of David atop the other

Attacks on people of faith are animated by white supremacy and white nationalism, which are on the rise. Dismantling this system of hate “requires deep partnership across all communities affected.”

Aaron Torop
Pair of hands painted to resemble the Earth forming a heart

As we consider our responsibility to give the Earth a rest from the ongoing destruction we cause, sweeping proposals from Congress are part of that reckoning.

Aaron Torop


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