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social justice

Students and others at a rally protesting a detention center in Tornillo, TX

Recently, I traveled to Tornillo, TX, to witness and protest the detention camp there. Since my return, the experience has challenged me in ways I did not expect.

Rabbi Daniel K. Alter

Here are some ways that you, as an individual, can engage in climate change mitigation.

    Joan Rachlin
    Pile of  red, white, and blue buttons that say VOTE.

    Reform Judaism calls upon us to be civically engaged, making a direct call to action to involve ourselves in shaping our institutions to propel our world toward justice. 

    Elizabeth Leff
    On one side is Reverend Cornell Williams holding the new book and on the other side is the historic black and white photo of MLK and other black civil rights leaders walking arm in arm with Rabbi Maurice Eisendrath and other Jewish leaders

    Together, hundreds of us discovered that when you march carrying the Torah, the Scripture literally crosses and lays upon your heart.

    Rev. Cornell William Brooks
    Dome of the US Capitol Building against a blue sky with clouds

    This year, the High Holidays fall a month and a half before midterm elections, providing an opportunity for our community to reflect on the past year and make decisions about our future.

    Jenna Galper
    Image of Canadian land mass covered by a maple leaf flag

    In Canada, our social justice initiatives focus on child poverty, refugee resettlement, and advocating for the Aboriginal community, among other issues.

    Rabbi Cory Weiss
    Three VOTE signs in red white and blue

    While Jews have not always been afforded the right to vote, voting encompasses several Jewish values.

    Rabbi Joel Mosbacher
    Kutz campers in a group each holding signs about why they vote

    My name is Tali, and I just spent three and a half weeks learning how to be an effective and just leader

    Tali Meisel
    A woman holds a young childs hand with their backs toward the camera and an Israeli flag in the distance behind them

    His world was turned upside down after his parents divorced. His father left Israel - and because his mother was no longer married to an Israeli, she was ordered to leave the country.

    Anat Hoffman
    closeup of a microphone with stage lights blurry in the background

    Speaking truth to power is not an easy task, especially when God or the President of the United States are the perpetrators of injustice. Sadly, we’re still waiting for a political Abraham to emerge.

    Jacob Gurvis


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