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Timepiece partially buried in sand

Is this happening because the future is now so uncertain? Am I more aware that every day might be my last? Such questions give us pause and make us take serious stock of our lives.

Marcia R. Rudin
Amanda Ryan rests her chin her her hand and smiles behind a fully lit menorah

A number of things have helped me get to a place where I felt more accepting of my own identities and able to take shame and doubt and transform them into strength and courage.

Amanda Ryan
Circular stained glass window featuring a Star of David with open books sitting in the window sill

Just like that, I’d committed to reading a page of Talmud every day and formed a group of more than 1,000 women, which has become one of the kindest, most welcoming and respectful places I’ve experienced on the internet.

Rabbi Elisa F. Koppel, RJE
Young man sitting on a retaining wall looking at the water

Feeling the presence of God, in my experience, is a hit or miss deal. It takes work and discipline, but who wants to hear that? 

Rabbi Sandra Cohen
A black question mark amidst clouds on a blue background

Scott Shay, entrepreneur, thought leader, Jewish community activist, and author of two books, recently talked with us. Here’s what he said about God, religion, and more.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Rainbow over a body of water

When we can’t be Moses or Esther or whomever we want to be like, it’s OK – it’s necessary, even – to be Noah. Being “good enough” may not have the same glamor as leading an entire people to the Promised Land, but do you know what being “good enough” accomplished? In Noah’s case, it meant being trusted by the Holy Blessed One to literally start the entire world from scratch.

Chris Harrison
Orange and purple sunset over water

A couple of weekends ago, I did something totally beyond my comfort zone.

Evan Traylor
Shadowy profile of a man in a superhero cape walking up a flight up stairs

I like to tell people that being Jewish brought out the beauty within me that I was never able to put into words or actions until I came face to face with its illuminating teachings. 

Robin Harrison
Back view of a long haired woman wearing a brightly colored kippah

Like Alice down a rabbit hole, I am naïve and curious and a little bit scared. But I’m also open to the possibilities of wonder and awe and putting my rational self aside so I can be free to imagine the unimaginable.

Aimee Gindin
Hand lighting Shabbat candles in silver candleholders next to a challah

Malachi’s parents regale me with what they most enjoy about being Jews: the gift of Shabbat, the beauty of interweaving music, study, and prayer, and the devotion to God through devotion to others.

Chris Harrison


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