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A five by three grid in which each square contains the face of a different person

For years, I imagined God as a living human being walking amongst us each day. How foolish I was to personify such an inconceivable force.

Anna Calamaro
Buddish temple in China, visited by the author

As Rosh HaShanah approached last year, I was living in southwestern China, where I celebrated by eating apples and explaining the Jewish New Year to my Chinese roommate.

Hannah Caspar-Johnson
Closeup of piano keys

On the night of January 21, 2005, a drunk driver paralyzed me. I was 21 and just starting my music career.

Dave Schlossberg
Baby lying on her back with feet toward the camera

We will tell her that God is many different things to many people, and no one’s ideas about God are wrong or better than anyone else’s.

Robert Schurz
Pair of hands holding two puzzle pieces

Despite my love of Jewish culture and community, I couldn’t bring myself to fully acknowledge God – a loving Creator in an imperfect world – so I ignored God entirely.

Chris Harrison
Woman in a sweater standing on a beach with her back to the camera

This poem was written by a freelance writer, dreamer, and poet who is currently exploring the story of her Jewish ancestry and identity.

Lisa Rothman
A smooth grey rock in sand surrounded by a swirl pattern in the sand

The Days of Awe offer us opportunities to consider how we spend our days and what brings us joy. This work is precisely what we need to be doing at this season.

Rabbi Ilana Schachter
Loose beads of different colors; some strung on a string

When I first learned about stringing and restringing our beads based on life experiences, I began to see my relationship with Torah as an ongoing, nonlinear process.

Jared Goldin
Open book of the Koran on a small bench atop a colorful embroidered rug

I always find interfaith encounters provide myriad ways to evaluate and deepen my own faith and who better to learn about the Koran than one who has never read it?

Sofi Hersher
Flat gray and black rocks balanced on top of one another

Musar connects my Jewish learning and burgeoning spiritual awakening with what I used to call my “regular” life, the bridge between my two previously separated worlds.

Jared Goldin


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