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A group of friends eating a casual dinner together

Israel is more than what makes the headlines. It is also filled with people who will reach across the divide and give you the opportunity to be in community together.

Chelsea Feuchs
Bedouin village

Although we don’t vote in Israel’s elections and should not expect to, neither does the Knesset have a monopoly over the Zionist project. It belongs to all Jews.

Abe Silberstein
Hands holding up a globe

Each year, the voice that speaks to my soul about the contrast between the inward focus of Yom Kippur and the outward thrust of Sukkot grows louder and louder.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Man in black shirt pointing at smiling emoji, not at the sad or middle-of-the-road emojis.

Several times during the year, the Jewish calendar places joyous and challenging holidays near each other. What lessons we take from this juxtaposition?

Rabbi Joel Mosbacher
Phases of the moon arcing across the sky; full moon in the middle

Although we may think time moves in a linear fashion, Jewish holidays insert themselves in unexpected moments and places, seemingly out-of-sync with our expectations.

Rabbi Sharon G. Forman
Two people in total shadow jumping on the beach with sunlight behind them

Before we left the house as kids, my dad always asked, “Is everybody happy?” Learn what Jewish tradition has to say about happiness.

Rabbi Sharon G. Forman
Outside view of a sukkah

During Sukkot, we customarily invite famous people from the past to be guests in the sukkah. This year, I would like to invite Jesus as my guest.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Hands of a young child using scissors to cut a heart out of red paper

Many communities still need our help In that spirit, here are a couple of ideas you can do with your kids, also with what you probably already have at home.

    Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal
    Sukkah on balcony of Jerusalem apartment building

    Jerusalem is home to a unique type of sukkah: precarious and cantilevered, they hang off the sides of buildings – and between the two Jerusalems, one above, one below. 

    Cantor Evan Kent
    Colorful paper lanterns hanging inside a sukkah

     As Jews the world over construct their own sukkahs - temporary, walled, outdoors structures with a view of the sky - we've rounded up a few especially impressive versions. 

    Kate Bigam


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