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Sukkot has the perfect recipes to help you give thanks for the fall harvest. Find your nearest sukkah and start noshing!

Marissa Solomon

Tishah B’Av is the start of training season for our own Jewish Olympics – the High Holidays. Sure, they’re not as glamorous, there’s no torch-passing or opening ceremonies, and there are certainly no sponsors. But our Olympics are the test of our strength, the test of our endurance and our ability to overcome obstacles. Our Olympics are once a year, and training starts today.

Rabbi Michael E. Harvey

As Canadian clergy working in a Reform congregation in New Jersey, 

Cantor Aviva Marer and Rabbi David Z. Vaisberg

A young man came to a rabbi for a chat.

“I’ve bought a new car” said the young man to the rabbi.

“Congratulations,” he replied.

Rabbi Michel Schlesinger

Thanksgiving used to be a day unto itself; now we have a whole Thanksgiving season! Americans' shopping habits brought us catchily-named, add-on "holidays" like Black Friday, Small Business Saturda

Rabbi Rick Jacobs

"At the edge of a valley so quiet and pretty stands a five story building far away from the city."

Anat Hoffman

It’s not impossible, but it is difficult this year to avoid calling the beginning of Hanukkah by its special, one-time name:

Rabbi Larry Karol
On the fifteenth day of the seventh month there shall be the Feast of Sukkot to the Lord, seven days.
Rabbi Marc Rosenstein

The famous Cuban-American singer Celia Cruz used to punctuate each performance with the rousing shout , “Azucar!” (Sugar!). But sometimes I also hear this as, “A sukkah!”

Audrey Merwin

I have had the pleasure of writing about some very unique holiday experiences that took place in my home when I was growing up.

Dr. Madelyn Mishkin Katz


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