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Ten Minutes of Torah

The author with his newborn daughter

As a new father in the era of #metoo, I want to empower my daughter by giving her the necessary tools and confidence to overcome whatever obstacles might land in her path.

Isaac Nuell
Close up on American flag; stars in the foreground, stripes in the background

This year, Flag Day offers us a unique opportunity to reflect on the intersection of faith and patriotism in the context of flag etiquette.

Rabbi Lance J. Sussman, Ph.D.
Group photo of Heller High students

On a recent Shabbat morning in Israel, a group of high school students experienced something extraordinary – and far more common in Israel than most people know.

Rabbi Loren Sykes
Two men, one holding a rose, shown from the neck down on their wedding day

Three years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marriageEven as we celebrate this victory, there’s still much work to do.

Noah Fitzgerel
Envelope containing a note from Renee and a two dollar bill

Renee was a character, often exasperating those who didn’t “get” her. She also understood the true value of tzedakah and how to share it with those who needed it most.

Rabbi Neal Gold
Campers and staff in a friendship circle as seen from outside the circle

The only connection to Judaism I maintained in high school was through sporadic summers at camp. I returned there as a counselor before college, after my mom came out.

Chelsea Feuchs
Israeli and Palestinian flags painted on a wall; the red triangle of the Palestinian flag is the shape of Israel turned sideways

In a best-selling new book, Yossi Klein Halevi explores the challenges of self-transformation and the quest for peace. Learn more in his interview with

Rabbi Robert Orkand
Black and white photo of Isaias W. Hellman at his desk in his California office

Isaias W. Hellman was the principal builder and financier of many of the infrastructures and institutions that endure in modern Los Angeles.

Jared Goldin
Closeup of someone holding a remote at a TV screen

When fictional characters are affected by mind- or body-altering experiences, what can we learn from them about our own souls?

Cantor Penny Kessler
Student group at archeological site in Israel

If you’ll be in Israel this summer, consider adding some of these cultural, religious, historical, and natural sites to your itinerary.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer


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