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Ten Minutes of Torah

Many pairs of hands forming hearts

This essay about Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. written a year after the civil rights leader was slain, is from a collection of unpublished writings by Rabbi Chaim Stern, z"l.

Rabbi Chaim Stern, z"l
Israeli children, eyes covered, reciting the Sh'ma

Tu BiShvat (Jewish Arbor Day) is the time of year when Israeli schoolchildren plant trees. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that a teacher instituted the tree-planting custom.

Rabbi Ofek Meir
The author in Israel

Accompanying student groups to the Kotel repeatedly reminds me that Israel is a place like none other. On my most recent trip, I got another reminder of that fact. 

Casey Wright
A ketubah done by Nick Oberstein

As a gay kid growing up in a predominantly Catholic neighborhood of Boston, I felt alienated and targeted, and certain that wasn’t going to change.

Nick Oberstein
Children studying at a table under the guidance of an adult

As a recent volunteer in Israel, I tutored students in English, both middle school students in south Tel Aviv and nursing-field students at a youth center in Bat Yam.

Norm Freeman
Cheese burekas on a white plate with a blue tablecloth underneath

Always on the lookout for new dishes to prepare, I’ve decided to try three (and perhaps more) Jewish recipes in the New Year.

Cantor Deborrah Cannizzaro
Hospital visitor clasping the hand of hospital patient in bed

When we visit the sick, it is our job to be present, kind, and ready to listen, all of which can be more challenging if the person we are visiting is part of our family.

Rabbi Rachel Barenblat
The author (wearing tefillin) and a student with a Sephardic Torah scroll

Learn about Rabbi Reuven Greenvald, the Union for Reform Judaism’s director of Israel engagement, and what he brings to the table when it comes to this critical work.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Seen from behind: four young children with backpacks walking hand-in-hand with each other and a mother or caregiver

My husband and I are expecting our third child. I’m often asked if I will continue to work, frequently followed by confusion about how I will pull off such a feat.

Rabbi Lindsey Danziger
A five by three grid in which each square contains the face of a different person

For years, I imagined God as a living human being walking amongst us each day. How foolish I was to personify such an inconceivable force.

Anna Calamaro


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