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Ten Minutes of Torah - Israel

Smiling family taking a selfie together with Israeli flag pennants in the background

As a family mediator and the parent of four children, I have found comfort and logic in the kibbutz response to this crisis – a laser focus on the responsibility to its members.

Talia Engelhart
Silver Star of David and hamsa charm

I’ve highlighted some poets and poems that speak to me for the moment we are in, but I encourage you, too, to poke around on your own from among Israeli writers and find what resonates with you.

Rabbi Reuven Greenvald
Israel flag waving against twilight sky

With Netanyahu still in power, issues of religious pluralism, equality, and civil marriage will likely take a backseat, leaving the power of the ultra-Orthodox Chief Rabbinate firmly in place and leaving little hope for progressive change.

Rabbi Josh Weinberg
Closeup of an Israeli flag overlooking historic sites

The election for the 2020 World Zionist Congress is open for another two weeks, and a strong showing by the “Vote Reform” slate is critical. 

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Three smiling teens holding I LOVE ISRAEL signs

Every, single Jew – Reform or Orthodox, LGBTQ+ or straight, white or Black – is connected to one another. And voting Reform means voting for an Israel that establishes this truth as the status quo.

Chris Harrison
Smiling woman standing outside and waving a small Israeli flag

The irony is stark. For once, your vote as a non-Israeli living outside of Israel may have more lasting impact than my vote as an Israeli living in Israel. That’s because regardless of what happens in Israeli elections – whether we get a new government or not – the WZC will meet in Jerusalem later this year.

Alden Solovy
Hands holding a mound of dirt and a small plant

The way we celebrate Tu BiShvat has changed over the years – a case-in-point of how Jewish life and observance has been transformed in our day, due in no small part thanks to the successes of the State of Israel.


Rabbi Neal Gold
The author (wearing tefillin) and a student with a Sephardic Torah scroll

Learn about Rabbi Reuven Greenvald, the Union for Reform Judaism’s director of Israel engagement, and what he brings to the table when it comes to this critical work.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer

Less than a mile apart, we inhabit separate worlds and speak separate languages. In 26 years, the separation between Shaab and Shorashim has not lessened or softened.

Rabbi Marc Rosenstein

Last January, Israel's government resolved to include all forms of Jewish worship at the Kotel, Recently, however, it has successfully avoided implementing its own resolution.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs


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