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Ten Minutes of Torah - Israel

Zion Gate sign in English, Arabic, and Hebrew

Recently I took the train down to Tel Aviv to attend a conference on the place of the Arabic language in Israeli culture and society. The topics of the lectures sounded interesting, addressing a number of questions that I had been thinking about for years, living here in the Galilee where 50% of the population are Palestinian Arabs.

Rabbi Marc Rosenstein

We live in an era of contradictions.

Rachael Brill and Nadav Savaia
Books with Hebrew text


There are (who knew?) 929 chapters in the Bible, from Genesis to II Chronicles. The project, whose main public face is Rabbi Benny Lau, a popular, charismatic, and liberal-minded Orthodox rabbi, seeks to create a pluralistic platform for ongoing Bible study that does not reflect “ownership” by any particular ideological or religious faction. The idea is that many people, from across Israeli society, will choose to participate in synchronized Bible study: One chapter a day. Thus, the project kicked off a year ago with the first chapter of Genesis.

Rabbi Marc Rosenstein
rainbow over Arab village

I want to describe to you a moment of true chesed (kindness), a moment when I’m not only speaking about peace, when I’m not simply speaking of love, I’m not just praying and uttering the words “Love your neighbor as yourself,” but rather a moment when I actually do it.

Rabbi Michal Ratner Ken-Tor
ropes on a ship
Rabbi Bennett Miller

We will still return to an ancient melody
And the song will be beautiful and sweet…

Rabbi Marc Rosenstein

“Take your son, your only one, the one you love, Yitzhak…” (Gen 22:2)

Rabbi Josh Weinberg

Gidi is a handsome, 53-year-old Israeli taxi driver whose grandfather made aliyah from Iraq in the 1920s.

Rabbi John L. Rosove
Rabbi Marc Rosenstein

Elik was born from the sea. That’s what father used to tell me…

Rabbi Marc Rosenstein


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