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Ten Minutes of Torah - Jewish Time

As we approach Father's Day 2014, I reflect on my father, now deceased, and my relationship with him, and his relationship with me.

Stuart L. Leviton

We got married on a Wednesday.

Rabbi Nikki Lyn DeBlosi

In this Scroll is the secret of our people's life from Sinai until now. Its teaching is love and justice, goodness and hope. Freedom is its gift to all who treasure it.

John Propper-Wofford
Sam Gordon and Carole Segal

Have you seen the Ten Commandments lately? Not the 1956 Cecil B. DeMille blockbuster, but the Decalogue: the biblical guidelines Moses brought down from Mt.

Barbara Weinstein
An Israeli Flag for Yom HaAtzmaut

How do you give your country a gift?

What kind of gift will you give your country?

What can you wish to your country?

Lior Olinik

Zachor. A powerful imperative to remember. An anthem in opposition to forgetting.

Rabbi Heath Watenmaker

Imagine a world without Torah, the Jewish Bible.

John Propper-Wofford
Discussion ideas for the seder table during the Jewish holiday of Passover

I choose to believe that we all have been enslaved at some point in our lives. Perhaps we have been chained to our fears, worries, and doubts.

Rabbi P.J. Schwartz

Remember Passover when you were growing up, with lots of preparation and tumult in the house?

Tina Wasserman


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