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Muslim man bent in prayer over an ornate prayer rug

Some surely ask: Why didn’t God prevent this slaughter? The answer is that God gave us free will.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Blue light and roof of police car in the foreground; blurry crowd in the background

After another day of horror, this one in New York City, read liturgist Alden Solovy’s prayer for the victims and their families. May we never need another prayer like this again.

Alden Solovy
View of coastal Netanya Israel with both industrial buildings and lush beaches in view

This is liberal Judaism on the edge: Flinging doors open wide to those who would otherwise be left behind. The community is a voice of Judaism that is open to all who seek it.

Rabbi Neal Gold
Two smiling dark haired male police officers are the two Druze policemen who were killed in a terrorist attack near the Temple Mount

Today, on a beautiful Jerusalem morning - two Druze policemen, Haiel Sitawe, 30, and Kamil Shnaan, 22 - were slain during a terrorist attack near the Temple Mount.

Alden Solovy

Leon Klinghoffer’s claim to fame would have been his invention of the Roto-Broil Rotisserie Oven had he and his wife not taken an ill-fated, anniversary cruise.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer

Two weeks ago, I lived a two-minute walk from the scene of Wednesday’s attack. Sarona, a chic pedestrian mall filled with shops, restaurants and play areas, was where my wife and I took weekend walks with our newborn son in his stroller. It was where I met colleagues for a mid-afternoon coffee. Occasionally, it was where we splurged on a nice dinner, as many Israelis were doing when the shooting began Wednesday.

Ben Sales (JTA)

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Brussels in the wake of today’s terrorist attacks.

Rabbi David Wirtschafter

The Probst of the Lutheran Churches of Bad Segeberg, Dr. Daniel Havemann, has been incredibly gracious, kind, and welcoming to my wife and me during our visit to Germany.

Rabbi Stephen Lewish Fuchs

This is a prayer of solidarity and healing after Friday night’s terror attack in Paris.

Alden Solovy
A Prayer for Peace in Paris

Source of all being,
May peace come swiftly to the people of Paris.
May the hostages be comforted,
May the wounded be healed,
May the mourners be consoled.
May all the people of Paris find comfort under your sheltering wings. 

Rabbi Victor Appell


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