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Tikkun Olam

Childs hands holding a small globe

As we head into the first month of the secular new year, I’ll be inviting my congregation to think with me about what we might do to continue this holy work.

Rabbi Jordie Gerson
Hands holding up a globe

Each year, the voice that speaks to my soul about the contrast between the inward focus of Yom Kippur and the outward thrust of Sukkot grows louder and louder.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs
Group of rabbis standing in front of the Massachusetts statehouse

The Reform Jewish community has been very active in the Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence.

Rabbi Joseph Meszler
Two teens in tallitot holding gun violence prevention signs at a recent march

Marching this weekend was only part of our journey to end gun violence in America. Our march didn’t end when we headed home. 

Zachary Herrmann
Two hands, painted like a globe, forming a heart

I play a game when I read the paper, posing these questions: Which stories will fade quickly? Which will we remember years from now? Which will change our world forever?

Rabbi Michael L. Feshbach
Chalk drawing of a globe with different colors of stick figures standing atop it

Our retelling of the exodus from Egypt is incomplete if we don’t recognize that others are still enslaved. It is our moral duty to continue working for fairness for our fellow Jews and for those who remain enslaved by racism.  

Rabbi Elizabeth Zeller and Alexa Broida

This year, American Jewish World Service created a new video that offers a social justice twist on this traditional Passover song. What would you add to their modern-day list?

Kate Bigam
Man facing away from the camera standing on the edge of a cliff at sunset with his hands on his hips

Reform Jews have a long history of social action, and within our community today, the urge to make an impact is growing. The lives of our prophets cry out for justice. Our own history provides examples to inspire us to act.

Loree Farrar
Green highway signs indicating proximity Alabama River and the town of Selma

A few weeks ago, 32 of us from my synagogue, Am Shalom in Glencoe, traveled to Atlanta, Selma, Birmingham, and Montgomery on a transformational journey led p

Kerry Leaf
Little girl from behind wearing superhero cape

This Purim, we recognize modern-day heroes for their courage, chutzpah, integrity, goodness, and – most of all – for inspiring us all to #BeLikeEsther.

Deborah Rood Goldman


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