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Torah in Haiku

The flood of Noah
And the tower of Babel
How does God react?
Ed Nickow

God's a baseball fan
Look at how the Torah starts
"In the big inning"

Ed Nickow

Martin Luther King
Inspired by this week's portion
In his final speech

Ed Nickow
Moses announces:
"I will not cross the Jordan,
Joshua will lead"
Deuteronomy 31:2-3
Ed Nickow

We stand together
Before Adonai our God
​To enter the brit

Ed Nickow

Before we can hear
Before we can truly hear
There must be silence

Ed Nickow

Defiant children?
Torah calls on the neighbors
To help reign them in

Ed Nickow

These verses concern judges and other officials who will be appointed by the people. But the rules are addressed to all the people - "you shall not" rather than "the judges shall not."

Ed Nickow
Do not add to them
And don't take away from them
Adonai's commands
Ed Nickow
Give thanks to your God
When you have eaten your fill
Ed Nickow


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