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Envelope containing a note from Renee and a two dollar bill

Renee was a character, often exasperating those who didn’t “get” her. She also understood the true value of tzedakah and how to share it with those who needed it most.

Rabbi Neal Gold
NFL helmets with kippot atop them facing off on a football field

Win or lose, both synagogues are encouraging their members to donate the organizations they've chosen. Either way, a lot of Reform Jews will be happy - & a worthy charity will benefit!

Kate Bigam Kaput
Make a difference sign tacked to a cork board

As we take stock of our own blessings at this season, one way to demonstrate our gratitude is to support efforts that provide goods and services to those in need.

Jane E. Herman

AEPi, the Jewish fraternity, trains future Jewish leaders and provides opportunities for members to socialize, achieve academic excellence, and perform acts of charity and community service.

Rabbi Stanley M. Davids

Going on a trip this summer? Here are three actions to take if you or else someone you know is traveling.

Rabbi Paul Kipnes
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